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The purpose of the National Association of State Adoption Programs (NASAP) is to provide a forum in which State Adoption Program Managers can pool their expertise and to promote networking activities as an association with other direct child welfare entities and individual professionals so that each State can develop and maintain an efficient, state-of-the-art adoption program.

NASAP Membership

NASAP charges no membership fee. All State Adoption Program Managers are considered NASAP members and their active participation is strongly encouraged. Click here to access the current NASAP List 7-29-14

Executive Committee

The association is guided by an Executive Committee (EC) which is elected at the annual working meeting. Members include a president, vice president, treasurer, secretary and four members-at-large. The EC serves two year terms with half elected each year. They hold monthly conference call meetings and meet at the end of each annual meeting.

2014-2015 Executive Committee

John Johnson

Director of Foster Care and Adoption
Tennessee Department of Children’s Services
Office of Child Permanency

Maggie Molitor
Adoption Program Policy Specialist
West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources

Stephanie Miller
Permanency Program Specialist
Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

Deidre Calcoate
Adoption and Resource Home Development and Support Manager
Arizona Department of Economic Security
Division of Children, Youth and Families

Betty Berzin
Assistant Director-Adoption Program Director
New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services
Division for Children, Youth and Families

Cathe Hoover
Adoption, Guardianship & Permanency Manager
Michigan Department of Human Services
Bureau of Child Welfare

Steve Obershaw
Adoption and Consultation Manager
Bureau of Programs and Policies
Wisconsin Department of Children and Families

Tracey Parker Hirst
Adoption Program Manager
Iowa Department of Human Services
Division of Adult, Children & Family Services

Ex-Officio Member
Deborah Goodman
Adoption Program Administrator
State of Oklahoma Department of Human Services

Annual Working Meeting

Since 1998, members of NASAP have held an Annual Working Meeting in Washington, D.C. Members unable to attend the Annual Working Meeting may review the web cast archives of the event, as well as, download meeting information and handouts from each presentation.

NASAP’s 2013 Annual Working Meeting took place as webinar October 1, 2013 at 1:00 p.m. Eastern time.  To access the registration link for the meeting, please visit at

For more information about the Annual Working Meeting or NASAP activities, please contact Ingrid Parks at (248) 443-0306 or

Goals for 2014-2016

Children’s Bureau’s Training and Technical Assistance Network

The National Resource Center for Adoption provides guidance, coordination, and leadership development to the National Association of State Adoption Programs (NASAP).  The National Resource Center for Adoption is also one of eleven Centers, funded by the Children’s Bureau to build the capacity of State, Tribes, territories and courts through the provision of training, technical assistance, research, and consultation on the full array of Federal requirements administered by the Children’s Bureau.

These Centers conduct needs assessments, provide on-site technical assistance, identify and disseminate best practices, and coordinate and collaborate with other NRCs and agencies.

For additional information about the T/TA Network, click here.

For additional information, please call (248) 443-0306 or email the NRCA at